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The Valley's Top
Tree Barber

Topping & Hedging

State-of-the-art TOL machines make up our fleet of mechanical toppers. These machines are extremely versatile and allow us to perform various cuts to fit the grower's needs such as versatile, horizontal, or angled top cut.

new growth 
Increased Sunlight Penetration 
leads to more airflow and decreased disease pressure
Improved Access 
for equipment and employees
Topping & Hedging
Orchard Spreading

Orchard Spreading

Our tractor-pull spreaders are capable of banding or broadcasting anywhere from 500-20,000 lbs per acre. Compost, gypsum, sulfur, and lime, are a few of the products we are able to supply our customers with. 

Are you looking to purchase compost or any other amendments? We can help you with that as well.

Custom Almond Harvesting

Whether it be shaking, sweeping, picking up or even winter sanitation, we can handle it for you. With our on-hand fleet of harvest equipment, we are able to tackle your Almond Harvest needs.

Custm Harvestin
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